At 4pm on Sunday, March 22, seven of us hopped on a mystery call at the bequest of Tim Miller (Tim, Ryan Martens, Tarun Reddy, Eric Willeke, Steph Tanzar, Cody Boggs, and Rachel Weston Rowell). Tim laid out a vision for building a volunteer corp to help the Governor’s office and the State of Colorado respond quickly to technical needs in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s been a week. Or a decade. Whatever. Time is meaningless. 

In that one week, we have mobilized an incredible group of humans who have already volunteered 1000s of hours to solve tough problems in support of our communities.

We are collaborating from our homes, many of us in Colorado, but some of us from other parts of the world, still supporting that “home away from home”. We are working with other volunteer networks across the globe, sourcing skills, products, services, insights, from a global community of like-minded folks who just want to help.

Here are some stats from week 1. Give yourselves a pat on the back, folks. This is truly amazing!

  • 120+ active volunteers
  • 498 potential individual volunteers
  • 125 potential corporate/group volunteers
  • Website to inform and engage

And most importantly, we already have 5 active projects providing vital data, access, and support to our government and communities. Five days after we got started, Jared Polis, the Governor of Colorado cited data delivered by this team at his press conference and our work is being used to make important decisions to support Colorado citizens every day. Some examples of data we provided that were in today’s press conference are included below.

Including all of our state and corporate connections, we’ve scaled a company from 0 – 150 people in one week. In addition to the incredible product/engineering work, we have comms, legal, recruiting, and more support each day. It’s truly amazing, and a testament to each of you. I’m incredibly grateful, thank you!

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