I live in Colorado, and I’m confused about COVID-19 and what I should be doing, can you help?

Please go to for the most current information and guidance from the State of Colorado, including links to many other resources that can help you. We are focused on bringing Citizen Software Engineers and supportive technology companies together to provide targeted solutions to help Colorado address the COVID-19 health crisis.

What projects are you working on?

Check out our active projects! If you want to contribute, we encourage you to Get Involved!


How do I volunteer? 

We describe all the ways you can get involved on this page. If you don’t see a good fit for Citizen Software Engineers, we encourage you to see if you can help in other ways.

What skills are you looking for?

We need a range of skill sets and encourage you to sign up because your specific expertise might be beneficial to one of our projects. Right now, the most pressing needs include: 

  • Data Science
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analysts
  • Front-End Engineering
  • Back-End Engineering
  • Product Management
  • Site Reliability Engineering and Operations
  • User Research / Design
  • Disaster Relief and Response

I’m not a developer, can I still volunteer? 

We need people that can help with every aspect of creating great technology fast and using it to solve real problems. You don’t need to be a software engineer – although we do need a lot of people with development skills! If you’re not sure, we encourage you to go ahead and sign up, and also see if there are ways you can help elsewhere.

Can I volunteer my whole team, organization or company? 

Yes. If your organization has employees or teams that can help, sign up here and we’ll be in touch.

My company has products or services that I think can help, how can I donate these products and services?

We welcome these offers! We are currently working out how we will receive and evaluate these offers without distracting from the critical project work we are doing. Check our Get Involved page for updates over the coming days.

Once I submit the form to volunteer, what’s next?

Once you’ve submitted, you’re good! Your responses will be saved and we will use that database to match people to new projects and needs as they arrive.

When will I hear back?

We’re doing our best to match you and will reach out to volunteers as we find matching projects for you. In the meantime, please continue to volunteer in other ways.

Once I’m pulled into a project, what should I expect? 

If there is a project that is a good fit for your skill sets, we will reach out with more information about the project requirements, needs and timelines. 

Am I guaranteed a project? 

No. We are carefully assessing the needs of our growing list of rapid response teams with staffing needs. We are spinning up new teams everyday and we will reach out if we think we find a good fit.

Is this a paid opportunity?

This is a volunteer opportunity. We’re asking for experienced technologists, who are able to volunteer their time to this effort. The most effective volunteers are ones able to offer 20+ hours per week, allowing them to maintain context and momentum on our fast-moving efforts.

How long will projects last?

We cannot give estimates on the duration of placements but expect that placements will be as short as two weeks to several months in length. When we reach out about a placement on a particular project, we’ll share more information around the expected length of project. 

Where will I work? 

If you’re selected for a volunteer team, you’ll work with a team of software delivery professionals to produce rapid solutions to test viability and likely scale for state use. Solutions chosen to scale will work directly with State officials and the Office of Information Technology.


Who are the Citizen Software Engineers, and how did you form?

This is a community-led effort of private-sector volunteers. We are led by software professionals from here in Colorado.