Ways to Engage

We are seeking help from individuals and organizations with software expertise to help solve emerging challenges for the state of Colorado.  

Our citizen software engineer volunteers are leveraging their skills across the software delivery spectrum to solve tough and emerging problems and deliver innovative solutions to Colorado. 

If you have skills in the world of software, technology, and data, we are calling on you to step up and help.

Individual Volunteers


If you have relevant experience (software, mobile, app development, data, engineering & product development and more), can work autonomously through ambiguity, and are ready to jump into a high-intensity environment, sign up here!

Company & Group Volunteers

If your organization has employees, development teams or others that can help, sign up here!

Offer Products/Services

We are rapidly forming a large number of teams to solve critical problems. If your business offers products or services that you think could help accelerate the various efforts in creating technology to solve the rapidly emerging problems, we’d love to hear from you! 

If your organization can provide products or services to help support these efforts, form coming soon!

Additional Resources

Want to help, but don’t see a good fit here? Check out:


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