Social Distancing Data Gathering

Social distancing guidelines are in place, but how effective are they? Our team is integrating data sources that allow the Governor’s office to understand the degree to which Colorado communities are adhering to social distancing guidelines and directives. By leveraging public and private data sources, the team is rapidly enhancing reporting and predictive capabilities to help leaders and the public balance decisions that keep Coloradans safe while minimizing the damage to the economy.


As COVID-19 rages through our community, our support lines are overwhelmed and will get worse. Many people who are severely ill are told to “talk to your doctor,” but doctors and hospitals are over-run with severe cases. CoronaLine will provide a free, single point of contact for Colorado residents to get health, mental health, and wellbeing information related to Covid-19, without the need to participate in the hospital system. 

Previous Projects

Stop The Spread

When one of us tests positive for COVID-19, we must go through a detailed and time consuming interview process with a healthcare professional about where we were the last 14 days and who we had contact with. At that point, the healthcare professional must follow up with every potential contact to determine how the illness may have spread, all while COVID-19 continues to make its way through the population. Using mobile data that they already have, we can quickly determine where infected individuals have been and who might need to be notified of potential infection. We are leveraging open source software and experts from countries who have successfully solved this problem to bring a solution to Colorado as fast as possible.

COVID19 Test Result Notifications

A lack of COVID-19 testing kits is one of the biggest drivers to why we are all stuck in our homes. Because of this, the State of Colorado is ramping up testing efforts and hopes to roll out rapid testing of COVID-19 very soon. This may allow all of us to get a semblance of normality back and return to work. Unfortunately, even If your symptoms are bad enough to warrant a test, the current process still takes 3 days before you know the results, and the process is slow, unpleasant, and time-consuming for our overburdened health care professionals. We are building an easy way for you to receive your test results right on your mobile device, so that you can quickly understand if you need to self-quarantine or continue following the government’s guidelines.